Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Cave Art Animation

Hi my name is jordin and the topic for this term is te wa toi and my animation is about the giant bird in NZ called a Moa which are now extinct. You might be able to find some very old drawings in hidden caves from hundreds of years ago.

Long long ago there were families of Moas that lived in New Zealand. Did you know that NZ is the youngest country in the world?
Every single moa was hunted down by our maori people. They were hunted with spears and other weapons that can kill animals. The maori people use to eat the flesh of the moa and they used the feather and skin for clothes and bones for fishing hooks and pendants. After many years all the moas had become extinct.

Thank you so much for watching my animation please leave a positive comment down below.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Who am I?.

Who am I?

Walt: create a structured recount with correct tenses and punctuation.

Today my class played a game of who am I. If you don’t know what who am I is it is a game where you have to write someone's name on a piece of paper. Then you put this on your partners head and help them guess who it is.

Miss Parrant's instructions were we had to get a piece of paper and write someone’s name on it. Then we gave this piece of paper to our partner and they had to guess who it was. We were only allowed to use yes and no to answer questions.

Next we got our partners and grabbed a piece of paper off miss Parrant. Then we all spreaded out around the classroom so knowoneelese could tell us what’s on our head.

My partner Jerreka could not guess who she was. Jerreka got really nervous and had wasted 8 minutes guessing who she was.Jerreka had Justin Timberlake. She had know idea it was him. She exploded with joy and happiness when she got is right.

When it was all over we sprinted to Miss Parrant and gave her a our piece of paper. I felt really happy that Jerreka found out who she was just in time.