Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Creative writing.

Creative Writing
One sunny autumn morning my friend Leilani came over to my house in the weekend. When she came we decided to have a walk in the forest that was near my house so we packed our bags with snacks, water bottles and phones for any emergencies. Then we went into the forest to get some fresh air. When we left in the forest we heard lots of noises like the little twigs breaking beneath our shoes and birds singing “Wow it’s so pretty here” said Leilani. After a while walking in the forest we both started to get tired and hungry so we sat down by a tree that was nice for us to sit down and eat our snack. Once we sat down we felt lots of leaves under our bum’s. When we were eating our tuna sandwich we started to get really thirsty so we had a drink of water. After we ate our sandwich and water we carried on with our walk in the forest. As we walked Leilani and I  saw lots of big and beautiful trees we saw a big log just right for both of us to sit on it. I made a fire for me and my friend Leilani out of sticks and spare paper that was left in my bag and two rocks that were by the lake but we went on the sand so the fire could light up. The lake was a beautiful green lake  with a tint of blue and delicious looking fish that we could bring back to my house so my dad can make the best roar fish ever as always but sadly we had know fishing rods or fishing hooks. When we were in the forest I said “It’s starting to get really dark I think we should go back to my house Leilani” “I think so too” said Leilani. So Leilani and I headed back home. When we got to my house we opened the back door to my house we smelled some delicious mashed potatoes and roasted lamb. Then my family and Leilani sat down to eat. After we all finished eating we all got really full. After dinner Leilani’s mum showed up to pick up Leilani. Then my family and I went to bed.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Measuring length.

Walt: Measure distance in metres and kilometres.
Walt: Understand how to read decimal centimetres.