Thursday, 23 June 2016

Coldplay Up and Up.

Coldplay is a very famous band.They are one of the best band in the world they come from London. we are looking at the music video called Up and Up the album for Up and Up Is Called A Head Full Of Dreams.

There are four men in the Coldplay band, each man was playing their own instruments.There were many unusual things in the video like a great big volcano with popcorn popping out! A huge stingray that was swimming above people! There was also a little girl swinging on a big crane.

My favourite part was when the little girl was swinging on the massive crane, also when the fish were swimming above the two little boys.
The houses were upside down, above in the sky that was really cool.


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  2. Well done Jordin! I really enjoyed reading your blog about Coldplay. You worked very hard on your writing this week. Your detail was fantastic. I liked the part about the popcorn volcano!

  3. thank-you for your information Miss Scanlan.