Monday, 22 August 2016

Cross Country

On the 19th of August it was cross country and on that day the year 4 students had to run 1km. We had Cross Country and all the team colors like red,blue,yellow and green had to race if they got in the top five. The cross country race started on the field and ran to one cone then another and another and another until they got to the finish line.   

My team color was blue for heni morana.When it was cross country I felt so so nervous and scared but I didn’t give up.I sprinted the hole way to the finish when I got to Whaea Saf then when we finished the race. We had a water station and everyone got a sip after their race.

In my photo collection I have five photos my photo collection I have my friend Efe-Lata,a board that says sausage sizzle $2,the team color flags with Mrs V and a photo of Mr burt and the students. In the middle of the four photos is me running really fastIn the middle of my photo collection is me.I was so fast Miss Scanlan couldn’t even take a picture of me.

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